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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time for Journal Your Christmas 2012

I'm more than excited with Christmas each year - and yet somehow one of the best parts is Shimelle Laine's "Journal Your Christmas".  I love the little touches, and reading back over them each year I remember things I would have forgotten if not for taking time out from the busy schedule ( for me, that's usually the end of each day in December/beginning of January) to "Journal my day" and then at the end the decorations and photos are added.  I love when I have the perfect photo to actually complete the page at that time - but it doesn't always happen - life gets in the way. 

At any rate - please consider joining this class.  It's $35 USD but you never pay again.  And this year it's all brand spanking new.  If budget concerns won't allow you to begin on Saturday - no worries - just join when you can and back track.  It's not a problem- really!  But it's the best spent money for any of us over the holiday, because what can you really name that you got last Christmas? And for this small amount of money - you can actually save this Christmas forever.  Think what it would mean to you if your parents had done that for you. 

I'll be looking for you!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time for an update!

I need to talk to you about Shimelle Laine. I know if you are a scrapbooker, you know her name as well as your own. If you don't - then shame on you.

She's only the most talented young lady, "An American in London" - and has so many ideas in that pretty head of hers.

Please go to www.Shimelle.com - and check out all the wonderful things she has in store, not the least of which is the most wonderful class "Journal Your Christmas" which will be here before we blink.

Then go to www.bigpictureclasses.com and check out that group of gals.

And then you'll know where I've been!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another fall - Blah! - but exciting things ahead...

I'm going to talk to Stacy Julian!! YEAH!!! I met her once before - about a decade...(!) - in San Antonio, TX. Her secretary emailed me, (one of those her people called my people, only I don't have people, so her people called me) and I'm speaking with her via Skype on Wednesday eve, our time. I'm so excited. The conversation (or part of it) will be on HER blog shortly. How cool is that?

Now my other favorite thing - Christmas - is coming upon us (I found out how soon when I took the dogs to the groomers and they announced that 8 weeks would be the week before Christmas!) - and I have two awesome classes - one new, the other, so good, it'll be a re-do. On "Big Picture Classes" - we are "Cutting the Crazy out of Christmas" - in other words - organizing! I really am so pleased I signed up for this - as soon as we were told to gather all the recipes we use over the holidays (my Christmas cookie recipes alone are all over the place) and then add them so they are all in one place - I thought YUP! Makes sense. So I've started that. Plus, the gals are so supportive - they say "You don't have to finish this all this year, you add to it as you want to - and it becomes the "Family Christmas "How to" Book". Long after I've passed away, my family can still make Mammam's stuffing, or Press Hard cookies! I'm so happy to be doing this.

Second Class - Shimelle Laine's "Journal Your Christmas". Last year I thought I was going to be fine with doing it digital (I had done a paper journal in 2008) but it never got started, least of all finished. I was very unhappy just plopping photos onto my computer each day. So back to basics for this gal. I am using up all the Basic Grey Christmas papers that I just had to have at the time - and pre-making the book, so I can journal and add the photo, plus any little embellishment that so tickles my fancy - or not - and I'm starting it on Thanksgiving. I decided that while the London-ers may go until the 6th of January for the "12 days of Christmas" - I am happy to put it all behind me on New Year's Day. So I'm going from Thanksgiving - to NYD.

Oh - one more thing - speaking of Shimelle - TOMORROW starts her new journaling class. Brand new! Back to using a PEN - remember them? I was thinking as I began reading her "get ready" message this morning - how when going thru all my stuff - recipes, page attachments, etc., anything in my "Heirloom" box - how precious my mother's handwriting is, or a recipe written by Aunt Beesie, or even my Dad's printing in Mom's cookbook. So I've realized how right Shimelle is - we need to WRITE NOW. In our own handwriting. So I begin that tomorrow.

Yes - I'm busy - but that's the best way to be. Especially in FALL.

Monday, March 15, 2010

This is a challenge from the gals at Scrap Mojo - a wonderful site my friend stumbled upon. She knew how I had a guest room of the Wizard of Oz, but she never knew how much Carrie's horse Squid looks like the horse of a different color. . . . with a tad of Photoshop help, he looks JUST like that horse.
So I decided he needed to be honored in tihs way - after these photos were taken he underwent cancer surgery for his left eye - and he's doing just fine!! What a magnificent lovely animal!! I was proud to do this layout.

Friday, October 23, 2009

And Heaven DOES exist

WOW!! Has it really been this long since I blogged? I have to get back at it!
Tami Taylor on "Get it Scrapped" asked us to answer a few questions, and I'm glad she did to get me back into the swing of posting. Here goes....

What is your favorite word? "Skyrocketed"
What is your least favorite word? "WAY" (as in when people say "no way" and the response it a stupid "Way".
What turns you on? "Doing anything creative"
What turns you off? "Sports of any kind."
What noise do you love? "Water lapping on a beach"
What noise do you hate? "Background music, anything I'm forced to listen to"
What is your favorite curse word? "Jackass"
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? "Forensics"
What profession would you not like to do? "Accounting"
If Heaven exists what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
"I know you."

Friday, August 21, 2009

10 things you don't know about me

1. The photo of my black clown is really "Black Peter". He's the anti-santa - the Santa for bad children. I have a collection of Black Peters.
2. I also don't do amusement parks. I will walk thru, but even the up and down and around and around on a merry-go- round is not for me. I have never been on a roller coaster, and will die not getting on one.
3. I love water - lakes, oceans, rivers, you name it. I love seeing water, photographing it. Even in pools, even in my hot tub, I love water. I won't drink it. Ever.
4. Long ago I learned I like all animals more than most people. They give unconditional love, and expect nothing but food and a pat on the head in return. MOST people, not my family, my close friends, and anyone who scrapbooks. :)
5. I hate ham. I eat ham at Easter because you are supposed to. But I'm not a ham eater.
6. I had a relative sink with the Titanic.
7. I have assisted in airplane crashes bringing the dead to be identified by taking X-rays.
8. I'm terrified of snakes.
9. I believe I'll die from falling. I fall a LOT. My aunt did too. I think it's because I move too quickly.
10. I met and had lunch in a small group with Mamie Eisenhower, and have shook Bobby Kennedy's hand.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thought Provoking Thursday

I guess I'll do the first time my now famous line was uttered - about me - by my child.

We were riding up Pacific Coast Highway in my brother's new red metallic corvette. My son was three, riding in the passenger seat, my brother of course was driving. I was in the backseat. What? You think there isn't a "backseat" in a vette? You are right. But that's where I was. Bill (DB) was talking to Joey (DS) as if he was a grown man. It was cute, listening to him answer questions about the car. Well both my brother and my son have bad allergies . All of a sudden my brother sneezed. He put his hand back behind the driver's seat and said "Sher, how 'bout a tissue?"
My son touched his hand lightly and moved it forward, and stared at him and said the now favorite family line, "She's not that kind of mother." My brother laughed so hard. Joey continued and said "If you need stuff like that you have to bring your own."

So whenever I'm asked to do anything - or was from that day forward - my family would say "Hey Joey, she's not that kind of mother..."