Monday, December 8, 2008

MORE MORE pages - Yes, X 2

I have finished my pages for December 7th - Organize, what's left to do? The page would have been much faster if I'd have done "What did I do so far?" Nadda. Next to nothing.

But today's entry was "Photography". I came home and yep, fed the ducks, geese, etc., and took their picture (this was taken about ten feet from my scrapbook room door) and then I took pictures of my Mother's Day gift from my son - my holly bush... But how to mix mash these?

But I was really pleased when I got to my door, and found a surprise package from a very good friend, to me and my critters!! So I spent the real photography photographing, and while, yes, some photos were more artsy fartsy than the ones I did use, I wanted the book page for today to convey my actual love of this surprise. Thanks DEB, RICK, MISTY, AND COLBY!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 6 - memories of Christmas

I had a hard day today. I spent the night awake worrying that my white dog (see my Christmas card) was dying. I had to go to the vet, and we received great news, the tumor was benign. So now I am relieved.

But I was mentally worn out, and yet, I made myself post about the best and the worst Christmas. Please read my horrible Christmas. I hope it makes your bad experience better!!

Decenber 5 - Counting down

I decided to have some fun, so I've counted down all my must watch, and want to watch - shows, movies, and cartoons.


I really took journaling to the hilt today. I made it all journaling, and really went all out with my "dreams" of a perfect Christmas!

OK so it's day three of the journal so I posted the stamps to cover my acrylic page, and the card I'm sending out - except instead of a sentiment, I had also gone to purchase my tree that day, and so it's pictured in water on my deck.

Catching up - finally

This is "Tell me about the weather" And my homemade snowflake is stuffed. I had found this "Make a snowflake doll" - which I want to do as well, only much larger (she has a cute tush) and arms and legs, but i thought she'd make a cute addition to my Day 2 - FYI the second page is acrylic... hard to scan.

I finally had time to scan and post the entries - I am enjoying this journal so much!

Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st, done the way that is so me!