Monday, December 8, 2008

MORE MORE pages - Yes, X 2

I have finished my pages for December 7th - Organize, what's left to do? The page would have been much faster if I'd have done "What did I do so far?" Nadda. Next to nothing.

But today's entry was "Photography". I came home and yep, fed the ducks, geese, etc., and took their picture (this was taken about ten feet from my scrapbook room door) and then I took pictures of my Mother's Day gift from my son - my holly bush... But how to mix mash these?

But I was really pleased when I got to my door, and found a surprise package from a very good friend, to me and my critters!! So I spent the real photography photographing, and while, yes, some photos were more artsy fartsy than the ones I did use, I wanted the book page for today to convey my actual love of this surprise. Thanks DEB, RICK, MISTY, AND COLBY!!!!


allynraye said...

So glad you liked it--and it appears that maybe Disney did too!

LOVE LOVE LOVE all your pages, Sharon! They are terrific!!!


crazierinreallife said...

love your pages, and that little gingerbread man ia adorable