Friday, October 23, 2009

And Heaven DOES exist

WOW!! Has it really been this long since I blogged? I have to get back at it!
Tami Taylor on "Get it Scrapped" asked us to answer a few questions, and I'm glad she did to get me back into the swing of posting. Here goes....

What is your favorite word? "Skyrocketed"
What is your least favorite word? "WAY" (as in when people say "no way" and the response it a stupid "Way".
What turns you on? "Doing anything creative"
What turns you off? "Sports of any kind."
What noise do you love? "Water lapping on a beach"
What noise do you hate? "Background music, anything I'm forced to listen to"
What is your favorite curse word? "Jackass"
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? "Forensics"
What profession would you not like to do? "Accounting"
If Heaven exists what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
"I know you."

Friday, August 21, 2009

10 things you don't know about me

1. The photo of my black clown is really "Black Peter". He's the anti-santa - the Santa for bad children. I have a collection of Black Peters.
2. I also don't do amusement parks. I will walk thru, but even the up and down and around and around on a merry-go- round is not for me. I have never been on a roller coaster, and will die not getting on one.
3. I love water - lakes, oceans, rivers, you name it. I love seeing water, photographing it. Even in pools, even in my hot tub, I love water. I won't drink it. Ever.
4. Long ago I learned I like all animals more than most people. They give unconditional love, and expect nothing but food and a pat on the head in return. MOST people, not my family, my close friends, and anyone who scrapbooks. :)
5. I hate ham. I eat ham at Easter because you are supposed to. But I'm not a ham eater.
6. I had a relative sink with the Titanic.
7. I have assisted in airplane crashes bringing the dead to be identified by taking X-rays.
8. I'm terrified of snakes.
9. I believe I'll die from falling. I fall a LOT. My aunt did too. I think it's because I move too quickly.
10. I met and had lunch in a small group with Mamie Eisenhower, and have shook Bobby Kennedy's hand.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thought Provoking Thursday

I guess I'll do the first time my now famous line was uttered - about me - by my child.

We were riding up Pacific Coast Highway in my brother's new red metallic corvette. My son was three, riding in the passenger seat, my brother of course was driving. I was in the backseat. What? You think there isn't a "backseat" in a vette? You are right. But that's where I was. Bill (DB) was talking to Joey (DS) as if he was a grown man. It was cute, listening to him answer questions about the car. Well both my brother and my son have bad allergies . All of a sudden my brother sneezed. He put his hand back behind the driver's seat and said "Sher, how 'bout a tissue?"
My son touched his hand lightly and moved it forward, and stared at him and said the now favorite family line, "She's not that kind of mother." My brother laughed so hard. Joey continued and said "If you need stuff like that you have to bring your own."

So whenever I'm asked to do anything - or was from that day forward - my family would say "Hey Joey, she's not that kind of mother..."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A little information today

Sharyn asked us at GIS for the following info.....

1. First three stops when you turn the computer on in the morning
The first stop is my work email, second one Get it Scrapped, and third one is my Hotmail

2. Your child's favorite site
My "Child" is now 30. So either some DC Comic site, or Ebay

3. favorite site/s for news
CNN and the Drudge Report

4. favorite online gallery/ies
A Cherry on Top - my favorite poster there is Bernadettte (she uses the extra "T") She's from South Africa, and amazing

5. favorite blog
All of the gals at GIS!!!

6. favorite place/s for inspiration
The Gallery at A Cherry on Top

7. favorite teaching site (heee)
Hmmmmm. Let's see..... GET IT SCRAPPED. I was taking another class from another site these past few weeks. LAME. I stopped trying to stay excited.

8. favorite place for online entertainment/ie: hulu, favorite youtube channel, etc

9. favorite online shops and

10. if you have a hobby (hello - we're here, right?) share your favorite sites for that - ie: photography, stamping, scrapbooking, quilting, gardening, etc....
See above. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Two blog challenges from GIS - Tami and Michelle

Tami wanted us to tell about our day to day life - right now, where we are.

I realized yesterday I was sad. I get sad when I'm alone, I'm not sure sad is even the correct word - depressed? no, not depressed. Pensive. Maybe that's more like it. I reflect that fall's coming, soon to be followed by winter. I HATE WINTER. I hate few things in life. WINTER is one of them. I hate the cold, I hate the grayness. Pennsylvania has one shade of color if it's not summer - GRAY. Everything is BLAH.
I saw an ad yesterday for Jerry Lewis's Telethon. It has always depressed me and I refuse to partake. I don't want to see aging actors/actresses with very ill children, at the end of summer. I want to live in "Perfect World". I worked in a hospital for 25 years, and have seen my share of suffering. So Perfect World doesn't include anything negative, and that includes autumn, Labor Day, and that telethon. I'll donate to charities, but I don't want it on TV. It's sad.
I was once asked what is my favorite holiday - Memorial Day. Because it's the beginning of summer, swimming, outside, fresh garden foods, everything POSITIVE.
I have no motivation. I stare at things to be done, and think "I can't do it now." And it's because I want more summer. I'm losing my "best friend. "
My sister is much the same way. She will retire in 23 months - I'll retire in 33 months. I have 10 months more than her. At that time, she says, we are moving. We are heading for "Endless Summer". We are not sure where that is, but there will be no snow, no cold, no ice, just hot. Year round HOT. And yes, we will be happy.

ON A FUNNIER note.....

Michelle wants us to tell the "isms" of our family. Things we say that only the family understands.

We "FOO" things. That means turn out lights, blow out candles, etc. It came from "FOO" - the sound that one makes from blowing out birthday candles. "I want to foo it" means let me turn it off.

MOTE (No, not a moat, a MOTE) - turns the TV on and off

EIGHT - means I heard that before. i.e. for the 8th time....

This isn't a "different word or ism" but it is a family slang - My father would always change the "OW" at the end of the word, like "Follow" to the EE sound. He would ask us to "follee me to the car. " Marshmallow was Marshmallee. I have no idea why, or where it came from. He was an intelligent man, just always turned those ow's to ee's.

Cats are "Ninnies". We all started saying this when one niece was very little. She called cats ninnies. And it stuck. Finally we realized she was saying "Nittany", i.e. Penn State Nittany lions, where her dad went to college. But it was too late, "ninnies" stuck.

Friday, August 14, 2009

What inspires me?

Even as a child I loved art, and thinking outside the box. I think I do a fair job of that. I remember in high school being hurt not being able to help choose the "High School Art Award" with the president of the art club and the art teacher. Turns out it was because I was the one chosen, and I never expected that at all!! I had one in junior high as well, and was also given a four year scholarship to major in art. So art has always been my love. But like all artists - I look at my world for inspiration.
The best place to find inspiration for me, though, is cutting to the chase, and looking at other artists' works. It seems to me that it's on the same line as scraplifting, why reinvent the wheel? I love to do my own layouts, as well, and sometimes I re-do my own layouts, but so often I see a talent, and want to make it my own.
So YOU. YOU are my inspiration. All of you that create. I may look at your layout, and say "I love that!!" But when I'm finished, it may be 90% different from what I started to "copy". But the inspiration is 100% YOU. THANK YOU

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wacky Wednesday favorite piece of furniture 8-12

What is my favorite piece of furniture? Well this table and the matching lamp table, for sure.
I had gone into a very high end furniture store to "look" at their sofas; I was re-doing my living room, and felt that nothing was fitting my taste - modern and comfortable. As I wandered around, inside their shipping room, I saw the glare of these two fabulous tables . All their furniture, unless otherwise marked, was one of a kind. Well I was drawn over, and the saleswoman said "Aren't they fabulous?" Fabulous prices, too. I saw the large coffee table - a 4 foot diameter top that sat on a "deck of cards twisted" type crystal base, was marked $1800. And the end table was $1300. I was "OMG" in my mind. I walked around and kept going back to look at the tables. Finally I just said to her, I'll take them. I could hardly believe I heard myself say that. I had saved money for the living room, but ... $3000 for the tables in a house of all men except me, wasn't the plan. But I did take them. And I love them so much. This is a photo from Easter, the best one I have right now of the coffee table. You can seen the fine glass and crystal beneath the top, as well. So until I die, these are the favorite pieces I have.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009

MEDICINE - a crap shoot at best

I almost choked my family doctor today. I have returned for about the 5th time since May. I have a swollen tonsil, that at times is so enlarged that it partially blocks my swallowing. First we tried one antibiotic. Then we tried another, stronger, more of it, for longer. Nothing helped there. Then he says "Well it's not really infected. Just swollen." So we go the steroid route. Nothing. I was too disgusted at this point, but phoned them and told them "It's still BAD." So... I decided to let it go. My dentist is also an MD. So I thought "I'll hold out until August 24th and get her opinion." Well I couldn't, this morning it was SO big again, I had no choice but to call the doctor again.
Well now we are going to try something for acid reflux. My doctor's partner is convinced this will solve the problem, so he phoned in a prescription to pick up. I was driving in the general direction of the pharmacy, and knowing this pharmacy, I'd be waiting forever for them to count them out, print a label, and send me on my way. So "Miss Acid Reflux" turned in a block ahead of the pharmacy, and I got me a big Italian sub. WITH hot peppers. And thumbed my nose at the pharmacy until after work, figuring the sub will at least make me happy and full.

Medicine. You have to love it. A crap shoot. And so far no one, least of all me, is winning.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Michelle wants a list - a WISH list.
List making always makes me think of a poem I wrote in fourth grade. The assignment was to write a poem "If I could have three wishes" There was no structure just the idea of being granted three wishes. Even as a fourth grader mine stuck out as a little different. I actually thought about it and did not ask for money and fame, or more wishes, but a true friend, and love. My mom kept the poem and I have since scrapped it. But it is very telling of me even today.

I want what everyone wants - health, wealth and happiness for all my family and everyone I know. But what else do I want???? Here goes....

I want the impossible to be possible - to talk to my parents again, to play with our dog Jayna again, to meet my sister - all of whom have passed on.

I want a maid. I can cook. But I want a maid -and as long as we are at it, a MAN, not to marry me, thank you very much, but to come and do the man things at the house - like fix things, and yard work, and dealing with repairmen, and cars. So a talented man, not just eye candy.

I want to work less hours but get paid the same amount - or heck, more. How about I work from 10-2, with an hour for lunch? I could do that.

I want the budget to be passed on time next year (this is as impossible as my other wishes - :)

I want to go back in time a little, just long enough to become a forensic pathologist. That would have been my dream job, but assisting was fun, too.

I don't want to hit the lottery, I want someone to anonymously send me a few million, I don't want to let anyone know I have the money, just not have to worry over money ever again.

I want to sleep over at the Kaier's mansion. I can do this,too, now that it's a bed and breakfast. My mother lived as a child behind it. She told me she so envied the people that even were servants in that mansion, and she lived in a poor row house. Well the Kaier's people now had to turn it into a bed and breakfast, and I want to say "Hey Mom, here I am, sleeping in the place!"

I want world peace. And the beauty queens to stop saying that's what they want. :)

That's about it. For now.

August 10,2009 (for 8/9 Savory Sunday)

Here's Tania's challenge....

i want you to tell me what your Sunday dinner table looks like. how has it changed over the years. do you make the same thing every week or is Sunday reserved for going out or ordering pizza? who gathers around? or maybe you'd rather reminisce and talk about Sundays at a child and the memories it evokes. perhaps you have a favorite recipe to share and it has nothing to do with sundays at all. but it's savory and it's sunday, so go for it!

I decided as a child my grandmother was going to burn in hell because of our Sunday dinners. No lie. My family all would gather together to get into the car to go to church, but she never would go. I knew she believed in God, but never went to church with us. To this day, I never figured out why. She went very few places, but she loved the malls so I know that crowds wasn't the reason. In truth, I think it was because she was self conscious, after growing up so poor.

Whatever the reason , she said it was because she had to cook our Sunday dinner. I loved the roast, potatoes, and corn. Same meal every Sunday, with the meat changing. We always had mashed potatoes and corn, and the meat changed from a roast chicken, turkey, pot roast (beef) or pork roast.

Now I live alone. I usually cook something with potates and meat for myself on Sundays, but it can vary between types of potatoes, and the veggie is usually a salad, or something healthier than corn. But the lessons of childhood are hard to break, I still have the meat and potatoes. It's comfort food for me, at its best.

August 10, 2009

What happened to me?? I was doing well with my blog and then.....

OK here's some "make up" challenges.. Doris's challenge is first...

The challenge:

thought provoking thursdays . . . so i mentioned yesterday that i was participating in the free blog challenge series over at get it scrapped! every thursday this month i'll be here with a post to get you thinking. today's post is about coming up with journaling to go with your photos. there are just so many approaches you can take to come up with journaling. photos are my primary source of inspiration! take this photo for example . . .event focused: i could easily journal about how my dad made the boys hooks our of straight pins so they could fish for rain minnows in my brother's pond. and how we had to scavenge for the ones from china out of my sister's sewing box which once belonged to my grandmother. the pins had to be from china because those are made from a bendable steel and the ones made in the u.s. are not. they just break when you try to bend them. and of course he made the fishing hooks from pins because real hooks have barbs which are a bit more dangerous for little boys. you follow?relationship focused: i could also journal about the relationship these three boys have. even though we only get to visit three times a year they are fast friends. having boy cousins is something special.your own perspective: if i were to write the journaling from my own current point of view it would be to wish that we were close enough to just go visit on the weekends so my dad and brothers and nephews could feed g's fishing obsession and i wouldn't have to be bothered with it. gah.historical perspective: this photo would go so well with one of my dad's memories that i want to record. he grew up during the depression and he actually fished for minnows in much the same way. only he would fish for them in order to sell them for a few cents as bait fish. he said every little bit helped back challenge to you is to flip through some of your own recent photos. find one that speaks to you and try to think of more than one angle you could use with your journaling.

The photo I chose....
EVENT: This is a photo of (left to right) My son, Joey, me, my sister Sue, and my son's girlfriend Carrie. We were all at my son's best friend's wedding, Memorial Day 2008. My son is dressed in the beautiful deep burgundy that the groomsmen wore.
RELATIONSHIP: It's such fun when the East Coast family all attends a function together. Joey and Carrie rarely attend "old folk functions" that Susie and I attend, and we are edging out of the
bridal/baby shower and wedding age group. But this wedding was for Joe Kihm, as he married his bride Chrissy Stere. Joey and Joe (yeah, too many Joe's) were best friends for about 20 years now, and Susie had been their soccer coach years ago, and they considered her house another home to hang out. So we all enjoyed the time seeing the Kihm family again - so long since PTA days.
MY PERSONAL VIEW: Family photos are so important to me, and this one means a lot. Susie never wants her photo taken, and she couldn't say no to the kids at this wedding. All the kids long ago adopted her as their "other mother" and I was so happy to have spent the afternoon with all of the "kids" that are now 30+. It's funny watching some of the coming into the room as doctors, attorneys, and I remember them being the "No, you HAVE to stay in the house, you are not allowed out after dark even if you are all sleeping over" children, not that long ago. I'm turning into my mother, lamenting the past, but enjoying the now.
HISTORICAL Perspective. May 2008, Joe Kihm's wedding. Carrie and Joey were dating for three years now, and they are with me (next to Joey) and Sue Still (between me and Carrie) who is also Joey's godmother.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm going to have to give the challenge from yesterday a bit more thought. Meanwhile, I'll tell you a funny story from my childhood - that would be today's challenge at "Get It Scrapped"

Most stories in my family were not the kind that make you smile, I'll warn you ahead of time. Most of what we did - well, okay - mostly me - made you laugh until you cried. This is one of those stories.

When I first graduated from high school, my sister was still only 14, and my brother 12. I would come home from the hospital - I was in training - and start supper for my mom a few evenings a week. I saw she had chicken in a pan to roast, so I figured that this was to be supper tonight, so I popped the chicken in the oven. THE GAS oven.
Mom used to have one of those little tea towels, with a flap that she'd hang from the oven door handle. Evidently, the first time I went to "baste" the chicken, the fringe from that towel ignited on the gas pilot light.

My father was now home outside working in the yard, my brother - blaring his music from his bedroom, and a neighbor boy was out playing basketball at our hoop on our carport. As I turned and saw the flame (which probably was only a few inches, no burning inferno at any stretch of the imagination) I told myself to think what I had learned in home ec. REMAIN CALM. Got it. (well on the outside I "looked" calm). Then - Kitchen fires. I jumped right into this mode, forgetting it wasn't a grease fire. I just went with the "Baking soda solution". I grabbed the carton of baking soda and started throwing it at the tea towel. Meanwhile (we had wall to wall carpeting in the kitchen....) I was getting it on the floor, and all over the curtains next to the stove. I saw this was not extinguishing the flames - so I saw the sink behind me. REMAIN CALM was now not part of my thought process. I started screaming for help - of course no one could hear me over my brother's blasted music, and the basketball outside thumping. I went for the cabinet and got out a glass, filled it with water, and threw glass and water and all at the flame...... AND the baking soda that was EVERYWHERE. Making a lovely "paste". OK, that didn't work, get another glass, more water, throw everything again.

Yes, we had a sprayer on the sink. REMAIN CALM didn't think of that.

All I know is my father came in, shoved me aside, and our neighbor boy was standing there looking at was a little flicker that I had managed to turn into ruined curtains, ruined rug, a mess of an oven, and glass, water, and baking soda everywhere. I ran up the steps, and burst through my brothers door, and turned the music OFF. I started to vent my anger at him, and he just stood there looking at me covered in the mess. I had decided all this was his fault.

Conclusion - everything needed replaced - the rug, the curtains, a new set of glasses (yes, the chicken was fine, Dad said "Let it in, that's the only thing in this corner not destroyed". I now go for the water first for any fire. I think the Home Economics teacher lied to me.

It was her fault.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First off - update of my hissy fit. Everyone forgot they were mad because I wouldn't "medicate their pets" and "I dug my heels in" so they are back to being friendly annoyances today.
My brother continues to improve, now worrying about how he can shave (look at his face, OMG!!) and what he can put on it to stop scarring (NOTHING right now, let it heal!) and all kind of stupid questions. HEAL. And finally - I went out to dinner with the out of towners. I had a good time. And my broken lawn mower fired right up because I didn't want to cut the lawn. It must have had water in the gas tank....

Today's challenge is to tell you something I'm going to scrapbook, and then I'll be able to use my journaling here for my journaling there. I like that line "Journaling here for there."

To tell this, I must start back at the end of spring. I went out to - "Mow the grass" (Did I say I hate that??) and just as I got to the gate of the lake, there, along the lake, I see this little dead gosling. I stopped for a second, feeling so sad. Then - it lifted it's head and flopped it the other way!! It wasn't dead! It was really bad, but alive. Now, I had loaned the key to the neighbor so he could go thru my gate to fish, and he was at work. Now I had to figure out how to get thru the fence - ok - over the fence. My old fat body. Not happening. Then I see my neighbor's car - hope!! So I run over, and he's sleeping in, he had a rough night sleeping. Well no worries, he lives next to me now, I'll wake him up.
Well he hands me the keys, and I race off to "save" this gosling. I now have the gate open, there's a six foot drop straight down from my gate to the beach. Yeah. Now what? So I figure I'll go get a kitchen chair, lower it down, and then go get the gosling, and it'll be safe. I'll probably be stuck (or worse) on the beach with the chair, but it'll be out of the water's edge. So I go to get the chair AND the cell phone, because I want my sister on standby if I fall and break anything. I call her to be sure she's there. Yes, and promptly tells me that I should dial 911 before I try it because attempting that without a ladder is nuts.
So... I do what any good neighbor does. I go back to the neighbor - the one who's trying to sleep, and ask to borrow his ladder. He is about 20 years younger than me, and says "For what?" and he knows I'm not going to let him sleep until he gets the gosling. Mission solved. So we get the baby, and I wrap it in the towel, and it starts to cheep.
Now this belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Toulouse Goose and daughter on the lake. Out of all the years they've lived there, they never manage to have babies. The grounds crew tell me she'll sit forever on the eggs, no matter where she lays them, and they never hatch. They say "He shoots blanks." So she finally has a second baby, and this is what happened.
I went 44 miles for gosling food. I came back, the baby picked up its head and died in my hand. I cried.
Fast forward. A month ago, I see the three losers (Toulouse geese) coming to me - and I'm like yeah, like I'm going to feed you sorry losers. Well guess what was between them??? TWO BABIES!! Swimming just fine. I guess they had laid another bunch of eggs. And two!!!
This all happened when Jon & Kate plus 8 was all you could hear on the news - Pre Farrah and MJ days. So I promptly named the two babies Jon & Kate (Gosslin/gosling - get it??) I'll post babies pictures soon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4 2009

Hang on here gals. I have a crappy day going on. Too much interference, like in football, so if I sound cranky miserable disturbed downright ticked off, then it's because I'm being asked to participate in a ton of things I don't want to do.
I do not want to be part of medicating other people's pets
I do not want to be part of listening to people complain about others today or anyday.
I do not want to play enterainer to people from out of town at dinner.
I do not want to listen to my brother - yes he's getting better - he's a man now complaining about little stuff
I do not want to be here at work with the cold stares because I dug my heels in

I want to enjoy ME today. And have one day of peace.
I'm done complaining. Maybe.

Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3

Monday, August 3, 2009 Make a Grocery List and post it on your blog.

Yep, that's my challenge today.

Well, I'm broke. Thank you Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania, and all you representatives and senators in the PA congress. Argue away at what's best for everyone, but open that food bank for us, the state employees.... OK. Whatever.

But last week??? I decided it was time to tighten the food budget with what money I'm left (I haven't been paid for the month of July yet, and here we are in August.) So I went food shopping.

Let me preface this by saying, I live alone - yes with two kittens and two dogs - but sort of "alone". No other humans. But I do love to cook, so I make myself a homemade dinner each and every evening. So my food bills include spices, and "ingredients" - not just canned or frozen food.

So here was my list....

Flour - NO MORE GOLD MEDAL or PILLSBURY - store brand would have to do.

Sugar - Domino's - sorry - see above

Cereal - Kellogg's corn flakes was on sale - $1.50 a box

lettuce - no designer greens, nor bulk designer anything - iceburg $1 a head

milk - 1/2 gallon of store brand, make mental note to not waste

pasta - hit that aisle heavy - Barilla was 5 boxes for $4

(Skipped the cookie/cracker aisle completely as I did with other non-essential aisles)

checked to see if they had clear Birch Beer - they didn't - no soda

Tetley tea - hey - that was my one luxury - one box - no "extras" this week

Faux benadryl for me - and a children box for the one dog

Loaf of white bread baked at that store

two cans of soup (after depleting after stomach bug last weekend)

dog and cat items

OK Total at the check out? $38. I was PROUD.

So I get home..... I start putting the generics away. That was my new name for my items, the generics. Well. I had to sit at the table and laugh. Who thought this would be so darn funny? But it was! I put all my stuff away, and then went to the cabinet to empty the critters' things. Well there it hit me - the Benadryl? Well only the REAL Benadryl makes quick melts. So I had the generic, the dog (BTW, "Jayna's -see below- full sister) had the real stuff. The food for the dogs - Cesar tins. You know those extremely pricey little suckers that feed them for a day? And then we got "Wholesome Medley" the only dog food that Scully (Jayna's sister) isn't allergic to. And the same thing with the kittens - "Wholesome Goodness" (in case Scully gets in to their food) and pricey wet kitten food for them. And oh yeah, "Non scented Arm and Hammer clumping litter for multiple cats. "

I guess they aren't included in the cutback budget.

"Surreal is anything bizarre or dreamlike.. so let's share a bizarre or dreamlike story. It doesn't have to be life changing or move people to tears or hysterics. Just share a story of something that was bizarre or dreamlike to you. Don't think too hard, it's not a contest and there are no grades. It's just a post here or on a blog, that's all. It doesn't have to be something that you experience you can even just share a bizarre story you heard or some bizarre news you saw on TV. Maybe you will lean towards the dreamlike story and share something that was so fantastic it felt like a dream?"

And so is my challenge for Sunday... August 2...
My mother loved cardinals (the birds, not the priests nor teams). She would feed them, and as children - heck as grown adults - she'd call us to the window to see them feeding. She once ordered my dad to shovel about 20 feet to her feeder in 3 feet of snow so they would have food, this she managed from a hospital bed.
Since she's gone, I've often noticed that when I get extremely upset over something, I see a cardinal. It's not a common site in our area, not rare, but not common. Weeks can easily go by without seeing any. Once was when I was sitting on the front porch steps of our home, when I didn't want Dad to see me crying, when he was diagnosed with cancer. No more than three feet from me, a cardinal landed, stayed a moment, and then left. It was NOT my mother - no, I'm not implying that - but I noticed it may be a sign God sends me to remind me I can be as strong as she is - and that He's "got it". I don't need to be in charge of everything.
The most poignant of all for me, was when I was traveling thru two states to "visit" - in an ICU unit - my son's beloved "Jayna" - his dog. He and this dog were scary, they knew each other's souls. She was dying, and we both knew it, but we were trying to give her as long as good a quality of life as we could for as long as we could.
We stopped in Maryland, at a McDonald's for a drink and bathroom break, before going on to D.C. So he wouldn't see me cry, I went out to the car for a few moments alone while he used the restroom. I was sitting on the curb, in front of the car parking spot, and there - out of nowhere, this cardinal came and sat on the car. I stared at it. It LOOKED at me. My son walked out, and saw me in tears, the cardinal, and he had known in the past what I had shared with him about his grandmother, me, and the cardinals.
Our precious Jayna (only three years old) was lost to a world not good enough for her. Maybe she's with Mom and the cardinal now. All I know is she died......... but not THAT day.... not until we had time to deal with it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

To Blog or not to Blog..... That's the Challenge on GIS - "GET IT SCRAPPED" - and if you haven't been to yet, why not????

I'm to post a photo on my blog of....

1) Something I love

2) Something Yellow

3) Something from Above....

OK..... Easy for the first one - a bad photo but I'm putting it on - of my brother who I love dearly and who crashed on his bicycle this week. Photo was at the UCLA Trauma center...

Something Yellow.... FOR REAL??? What's yellow????? The train we road into the mine in Lansford, Pennsylvania!! (In fact doesn't get much yellower than this)

And finally from above?? How about the lights at the pool, under our umbrella???


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My sister gave this to me Friday evening. It was handmade in Cairo, her friend had just returned, and was kind enough to have it made for me while she was there. She watched them make the beads, and it was handed to me wrapped in an Egyptian newspaper. This is definitely going to be a scrapbook page.
Thanks Hadiyah!

June 17

Today I am vowing to post to this blog more frequently. That's my new year's resolution mid year!!

I'm currently enrolled in this great class - Oodles of Doodles. I hesitated taking the class because I wasn't sure it was for me. I can draw. And that's what I do on my layouts, but sometimes I just want the fun of a doodle. So I decided to give it a whirl. GLAD I DID. Michelle is the most awesome teacher, someone who can taking something as inexpensive as markers and paper, and with her knowledge, show us how to add our own art instead of someone else's to our scrapbook pages. Here's a sample of my first assignment.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally, Christmas eve, a tad out of order, though

Ah the 70s!! This is my little guy (ok, now he's two months from turning 30, older than I am on this picture!) and it was his first Christmas eve. And my little thumbsucker is a great memory for me. (PS, worried mothers, his teeth are perfect, and no braces)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Who's sleeping? Scully with Alexandra!!

Here's my page with the boxing gloves moved out of the way for the journaling, too.

Christmas Day

These are our stockings. Susie (my sister) bought them, some are ivory, some are heather blue, but they all have beautiful initials on them hanging from the cuffs, so we know which one is ours.

Welcome to my "Nightmare before Christmas" also known as the cookies still need baked. I took a shot of my refrigerator for this page. I balanced the eggs on top of bowl upon bowl of batter, and was already baking the chocolate chip (double batch) while I took this.

I used the Kodak "Coloring book pages" to make etchings to adhere to my four sided star, one side for each pet. I took a break on this day, Sunday the 21st, so that Alexandra could see the "pet decoration" I made. She made a tree like my star. She's my little protege!!

Sometimes the storm never comes, the snow never falls, the accident never happens, and the kittens leave the tree alone. I have no idea why these two little squirts didn't like the tree, they only didn't. I think they saw me with my camera and decided that "Hah! We'll get her, no going up the tree." and thus the pact was made!

Let me add a few more

I'm struggling to get thru, and trying to do it in order on the blog, so let me add a few more of my pages.... This is one of my favorite of all pages. This Santa was the one we considered real. He was my childhood Santa, and as the journaling states, also my son's. I was (sadly) there when this man passed away, working in the hospital ER as he succumbed to a heart attack. But boy do I have the memories, thanks to him.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prompt 18


That being said, that's what we had for Christmas. Susie made dinner, and it was very good - and everything was decorated in her snowflake theme. The only thing, did I say this before? I HATE HAM

The perfect Christmas gift was not found this year, it was made. I started it almost right after Christmas 2007.
Elaine is an "Aerosmith Groupie" and proud of it!! So I made her a quilt with rock stars, guitars, and guitar picks and then the center of each quilt block printed an album cover of Aerosmith. She really loved it, and took it home in her carryon to be sure the airlines wouldn't lose it.

Prompt 16

- Another one of my favorites!! Things I am thankful for this Christmas! Simple design, but I feel like it says a lot.

Christmas company. Doesn't Maya look thrilled after her ride in to Pennsylvania from California? This was taken at the airport, while everyone was retrieving their suitcases.

Prompt 15

The gifts under our tree - Prompt 14

This is probably one of my favorite prompts. I think I loved this song, "Christmas All Alone" more than anyone, it was a simple song, but it made me think of the days when I'd be the bride waiting to get married in June. My mother would have this album playing on her old HUGE stereo, and I loved it.

I printed the words on a "record" that does come out of the album, and it attached to the page by music ribbon.

The Ghosts of Christmas past, remembering.... I used Joel Grey's portrayal in "A Christmas Carol" as my Ghost, and the photos (including the blonde on the bottom photo - me in the 1960s) are from Christmas long ago. I really miss those days, when we were the kids, and we got the presents and not the work!!

My sister is in the top photo with her Jacqueline Kennedy paper doll, "Tressy" and "Tiny Tears"

My "Gingerbread" Christmas tree - or rather "kitten proof" tree. It was a Colorado Spruce, rather stickly, so the kittens didn't like the feel of it. So we were all very happy!!

How I wrapped my Christmas gifts, and yes, this is the real paper! Prompt 10

My prompts, one at a time...... Here's prompt nine - the elderly lady is the one who created the recipe that over a hundred years later(the photo was taken in the 1940s!) is our favorite Christmas cookie!