Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally, Christmas eve, a tad out of order, though

Ah the 70s!! This is my little guy (ok, now he's two months from turning 30, older than I am on this picture!) and it was his first Christmas eve. And my little thumbsucker is a great memory for me. (PS, worried mothers, his teeth are perfect, and no braces)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Who's sleeping? Scully with Alexandra!!

Here's my page with the boxing gloves moved out of the way for the journaling, too.

Christmas Day

These are our stockings. Susie (my sister) bought them, some are ivory, some are heather blue, but they all have beautiful initials on them hanging from the cuffs, so we know which one is ours.

Welcome to my "Nightmare before Christmas" also known as the cookies still need baked. I took a shot of my refrigerator for this page. I balanced the eggs on top of bowl upon bowl of batter, and was already baking the chocolate chip (double batch) while I took this.

I used the Kodak "Coloring book pages" to make etchings to adhere to my four sided star, one side for each pet. I took a break on this day, Sunday the 21st, so that Alexandra could see the "pet decoration" I made. She made a tree like my star. She's my little protege!!

Sometimes the storm never comes, the snow never falls, the accident never happens, and the kittens leave the tree alone. I have no idea why these two little squirts didn't like the tree, they only didn't. I think they saw me with my camera and decided that "Hah! We'll get her, no going up the tree." and thus the pact was made!

Let me add a few more

I'm struggling to get thru, and trying to do it in order on the blog, so let me add a few more of my pages.... This is one of my favorite of all pages. This Santa was the one we considered real. He was my childhood Santa, and as the journaling states, also my son's. I was (sadly) there when this man passed away, working in the hospital ER as he succumbed to a heart attack. But boy do I have the memories, thanks to him.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prompt 18


That being said, that's what we had for Christmas. Susie made dinner, and it was very good - and everything was decorated in her snowflake theme. The only thing, did I say this before? I HATE HAM

The perfect Christmas gift was not found this year, it was made. I started it almost right after Christmas 2007.
Elaine is an "Aerosmith Groupie" and proud of it!! So I made her a quilt with rock stars, guitars, and guitar picks and then the center of each quilt block printed an album cover of Aerosmith. She really loved it, and took it home in her carryon to be sure the airlines wouldn't lose it.

Prompt 16

- Another one of my favorites!! Things I am thankful for this Christmas! Simple design, but I feel like it says a lot.

Christmas company. Doesn't Maya look thrilled after her ride in to Pennsylvania from California? This was taken at the airport, while everyone was retrieving their suitcases.

Prompt 15

The gifts under our tree - Prompt 14

This is probably one of my favorite prompts. I think I loved this song, "Christmas All Alone" more than anyone, it was a simple song, but it made me think of the days when I'd be the bride waiting to get married in June. My mother would have this album playing on her old HUGE stereo, and I loved it.

I printed the words on a "record" that does come out of the album, and it attached to the page by music ribbon.

The Ghosts of Christmas past, remembering.... I used Joel Grey's portrayal in "A Christmas Carol" as my Ghost, and the photos (including the blonde on the bottom photo - me in the 1960s) are from Christmas long ago. I really miss those days, when we were the kids, and we got the presents and not the work!!

My sister is in the top photo with her Jacqueline Kennedy paper doll, "Tressy" and "Tiny Tears"

My "Gingerbread" Christmas tree - or rather "kitten proof" tree. It was a Colorado Spruce, rather stickly, so the kittens didn't like the feel of it. So we were all very happy!!

How I wrapped my Christmas gifts, and yes, this is the real paper! Prompt 10

My prompts, one at a time...... Here's prompt nine - the elderly lady is the one who created the recipe that over a hundred years later(the photo was taken in the 1940s!) is our favorite Christmas cookie!