Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10, 2009

What happened to me?? I was doing well with my blog and then.....

OK here's some "make up" challenges.. Doris's challenge is first...

The challenge:

thought provoking thursdays . . . so i mentioned yesterday that i was participating in the free blog challenge series over at get it scrapped! every thursday this month i'll be here with a post to get you thinking. today's post is about coming up with journaling to go with your photos. there are just so many approaches you can take to come up with journaling. photos are my primary source of inspiration! take this photo for example . . .event focused: i could easily journal about how my dad made the boys hooks our of straight pins so they could fish for rain minnows in my brother's pond. and how we had to scavenge for the ones from china out of my sister's sewing box which once belonged to my grandmother. the pins had to be from china because those are made from a bendable steel and the ones made in the u.s. are not. they just break when you try to bend them. and of course he made the fishing hooks from pins because real hooks have barbs which are a bit more dangerous for little boys. you follow?relationship focused: i could also journal about the relationship these three boys have. even though we only get to visit three times a year they are fast friends. having boy cousins is something special.your own perspective: if i were to write the journaling from my own current point of view it would be to wish that we were close enough to just go visit on the weekends so my dad and brothers and nephews could feed g's fishing obsession and i wouldn't have to be bothered with it. gah.historical perspective: this photo would go so well with one of my dad's memories that i want to record. he grew up during the depression and he actually fished for minnows in much the same way. only he would fish for them in order to sell them for a few cents as bait fish. he said every little bit helped back challenge to you is to flip through some of your own recent photos. find one that speaks to you and try to think of more than one angle you could use with your journaling.

The photo I chose....
EVENT: This is a photo of (left to right) My son, Joey, me, my sister Sue, and my son's girlfriend Carrie. We were all at my son's best friend's wedding, Memorial Day 2008. My son is dressed in the beautiful deep burgundy that the groomsmen wore.
RELATIONSHIP: It's such fun when the East Coast family all attends a function together. Joey and Carrie rarely attend "old folk functions" that Susie and I attend, and we are edging out of the
bridal/baby shower and wedding age group. But this wedding was for Joe Kihm, as he married his bride Chrissy Stere. Joey and Joe (yeah, too many Joe's) were best friends for about 20 years now, and Susie had been their soccer coach years ago, and they considered her house another home to hang out. So we all enjoyed the time seeing the Kihm family again - so long since PTA days.
MY PERSONAL VIEW: Family photos are so important to me, and this one means a lot. Susie never wants her photo taken, and she couldn't say no to the kids at this wedding. All the kids long ago adopted her as their "other mother" and I was so happy to have spent the afternoon with all of the "kids" that are now 30+. It's funny watching some of the coming into the room as doctors, attorneys, and I remember them being the "No, you HAVE to stay in the house, you are not allowed out after dark even if you are all sleeping over" children, not that long ago. I'm turning into my mother, lamenting the past, but enjoying the now.
HISTORICAL Perspective. May 2008, Joe Kihm's wedding. Carrie and Joey were dating for three years now, and they are with me (next to Joey) and Sue Still (between me and Carrie) who is also Joey's godmother.

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