Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10,2009 (for 8/9 Savory Sunday)

Here's Tania's challenge....

i want you to tell me what your Sunday dinner table looks like. how has it changed over the years. do you make the same thing every week or is Sunday reserved for going out or ordering pizza? who gathers around? or maybe you'd rather reminisce and talk about Sundays at a child and the memories it evokes. perhaps you have a favorite recipe to share and it has nothing to do with sundays at all. but it's savory and it's sunday, so go for it!

I decided as a child my grandmother was going to burn in hell because of our Sunday dinners. No lie. My family all would gather together to get into the car to go to church, but she never would go. I knew she believed in God, but never went to church with us. To this day, I never figured out why. She went very few places, but she loved the malls so I know that crowds wasn't the reason. In truth, I think it was because she was self conscious, after growing up so poor.

Whatever the reason , she said it was because she had to cook our Sunday dinner. I loved the roast, potatoes, and corn. Same meal every Sunday, with the meat changing. We always had mashed potatoes and corn, and the meat changed from a roast chicken, turkey, pot roast (beef) or pork roast.

Now I live alone. I usually cook something with potates and meat for myself on Sundays, but it can vary between types of potatoes, and the veggie is usually a salad, or something healthier than corn. But the lessons of childhood are hard to break, I still have the meat and potatoes. It's comfort food for me, at its best.

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