Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009

MEDICINE - a crap shoot at best

I almost choked my family doctor today. I have returned for about the 5th time since May. I have a swollen tonsil, that at times is so enlarged that it partially blocks my swallowing. First we tried one antibiotic. Then we tried another, stronger, more of it, for longer. Nothing helped there. Then he says "Well it's not really infected. Just swollen." So we go the steroid route. Nothing. I was too disgusted at this point, but phoned them and told them "It's still BAD." So... I decided to let it go. My dentist is also an MD. So I thought "I'll hold out until August 24th and get her opinion." Well I couldn't, this morning it was SO big again, I had no choice but to call the doctor again.
Well now we are going to try something for acid reflux. My doctor's partner is convinced this will solve the problem, so he phoned in a prescription to pick up. I was driving in the general direction of the pharmacy, and knowing this pharmacy, I'd be waiting forever for them to count them out, print a label, and send me on my way. So "Miss Acid Reflux" turned in a block ahead of the pharmacy, and I got me a big Italian sub. WITH hot peppers. And thumbed my nose at the pharmacy until after work, figuring the sub will at least make me happy and full.

Medicine. You have to love it. A crap shoot. And so far no one, least of all me, is winning.

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