Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3

Monday, August 3, 2009 Make a Grocery List and post it on your blog.

Yep, that's my challenge today.

Well, I'm broke. Thank you Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania, and all you representatives and senators in the PA congress. Argue away at what's best for everyone, but open that food bank for us, the state employees.... OK. Whatever.

But last week??? I decided it was time to tighten the food budget with what money I'm left (I haven't been paid for the month of July yet, and here we are in August.) So I went food shopping.

Let me preface this by saying, I live alone - yes with two kittens and two dogs - but sort of "alone". No other humans. But I do love to cook, so I make myself a homemade dinner each and every evening. So my food bills include spices, and "ingredients" - not just canned or frozen food.

So here was my list....

Flour - NO MORE GOLD MEDAL or PILLSBURY - store brand would have to do.

Sugar - Domino's - sorry - see above

Cereal - Kellogg's corn flakes was on sale - $1.50 a box

lettuce - no designer greens, nor bulk designer anything - iceburg $1 a head

milk - 1/2 gallon of store brand, make mental note to not waste

pasta - hit that aisle heavy - Barilla was 5 boxes for $4

(Skipped the cookie/cracker aisle completely as I did with other non-essential aisles)

checked to see if they had clear Birch Beer - they didn't - no soda

Tetley tea - hey - that was my one luxury - one box - no "extras" this week

Faux benadryl for me - and a children box for the one dog

Loaf of white bread baked at that store

two cans of soup (after depleting after stomach bug last weekend)

dog and cat items

OK Total at the check out? $38. I was PROUD.

So I get home..... I start putting the generics away. That was my new name for my items, the generics. Well. I had to sit at the table and laugh. Who thought this would be so darn funny? But it was! I put all my stuff away, and then went to the cabinet to empty the critters' things. Well there it hit me - the Benadryl? Well only the REAL Benadryl makes quick melts. So I had the generic, the dog (BTW, "Jayna's -see below- full sister) had the real stuff. The food for the dogs - Cesar tins. You know those extremely pricey little suckers that feed them for a day? And then we got "Wholesome Medley" the only dog food that Scully (Jayna's sister) isn't allergic to. And the same thing with the kittens - "Wholesome Goodness" (in case Scully gets in to their food) and pricey wet kitten food for them. And oh yeah, "Non scented Arm and Hammer clumping litter for multiple cats. "

I guess they aren't included in the cutback budget.


Tami said...

LOL you're such a mom.. first to get the shaft LOL

Linda said...

Sharon, that was a pretty remarkable cut back that you made. Hope those critters appreciate what you sacrifice for list.

askings said...

The things we do for our pets...We bought our last vehicle based on how much space our animals would have in the back!

mollie said...

Sharon, what an interesting post on your blog today. It is amazing that you haven't gotten paid for July yet ... the state cutbacks are just horrid everywhere. (((hugs)))

I do so understand how we pamper our pets ... our cat turns up her snooty little pink nose at the generics and much prefers the jarred foods to the dry. Snob that she is!

Celia said...

Sharon what sterling work you did getting all that for such a low cost and such strength going past the temptation aisles.

You are having a bad time what with your brother (how is he?) and being unpaid- yick! I do understand about the insecurity of the lack of funds in the bank and not knowing when they'll arrive.

scrapweaver said...

Ha on the pet food! I am with you on that anything for the kids but Generics for us too!