Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4 2009

Hang on here gals. I have a crappy day going on. Too much interference, like in football, so if I sound cranky miserable disturbed downright ticked off, then it's because I'm being asked to participate in a ton of things I don't want to do.
I do not want to be part of medicating other people's pets
I do not want to be part of listening to people complain about others today or anyday.
I do not want to play enterainer to people from out of town at dinner.
I do not want to listen to my brother - yes he's getting better - he's a man now complaining about little stuff
I do not want to be here at work with the cold stares because I dug my heels in

I want to enjoy ME today. And have one day of peace.
I'm done complaining. Maybe.


Celia said...

Gosh Sharon that must feel better!

Well done on the strike through!

askings said...

See...I knew you could do it! Well just call you "techie" sharon

~ Jane ~ said...

Amen sister

mollie said...

Way to vent Sharon! Good for you. :)

Tonja Trump said...

YAY Sharon you did it!!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

Good Job Sharon on the techie stuff. Sure hope the venting helped to clear your mind and get the weight off your chest. Good expression!!!