Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First off - update of my hissy fit. Everyone forgot they were mad because I wouldn't "medicate their pets" and "I dug my heels in" so they are back to being friendly annoyances today.
My brother continues to improve, now worrying about how he can shave (look at his face, OMG!!) and what he can put on it to stop scarring (NOTHING right now, let it heal!) and all kind of stupid questions. HEAL. And finally - I went out to dinner with the out of towners. I had a good time. And my broken lawn mower fired right up because I didn't want to cut the lawn. It must have had water in the gas tank....

Today's challenge is to tell you something I'm going to scrapbook, and then I'll be able to use my journaling here for my journaling there. I like that line "Journaling here for there."

To tell this, I must start back at the end of spring. I went out to - "Mow the grass" (Did I say I hate that??) and just as I got to the gate of the lake, there, along the lake, I see this little dead gosling. I stopped for a second, feeling so sad. Then - it lifted it's head and flopped it the other way!! It wasn't dead! It was really bad, but alive. Now, I had loaned the key to the neighbor so he could go thru my gate to fish, and he was at work. Now I had to figure out how to get thru the fence - ok - over the fence. My old fat body. Not happening. Then I see my neighbor's car - hope!! So I run over, and he's sleeping in, he had a rough night sleeping. Well no worries, he lives next to me now, I'll wake him up.
Well he hands me the keys, and I race off to "save" this gosling. I now have the gate open, there's a six foot drop straight down from my gate to the beach. Yeah. Now what? So I figure I'll go get a kitchen chair, lower it down, and then go get the gosling, and it'll be safe. I'll probably be stuck (or worse) on the beach with the chair, but it'll be out of the water's edge. So I go to get the chair AND the cell phone, because I want my sister on standby if I fall and break anything. I call her to be sure she's there. Yes, and promptly tells me that I should dial 911 before I try it because attempting that without a ladder is nuts.
So... I do what any good neighbor does. I go back to the neighbor - the one who's trying to sleep, and ask to borrow his ladder. He is about 20 years younger than me, and says "For what?" and he knows I'm not going to let him sleep until he gets the gosling. Mission solved. So we get the baby, and I wrap it in the towel, and it starts to cheep.
Now this belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Toulouse Goose and daughter on the lake. Out of all the years they've lived there, they never manage to have babies. The grounds crew tell me she'll sit forever on the eggs, no matter where she lays them, and they never hatch. They say "He shoots blanks." So she finally has a second baby, and this is what happened.
I went 44 miles for gosling food. I came back, the baby picked up its head and died in my hand. I cried.
Fast forward. A month ago, I see the three losers (Toulouse geese) coming to me - and I'm like yeah, like I'm going to feed you sorry losers. Well guess what was between them??? TWO BABIES!! Swimming just fine. I guess they had laid another bunch of eggs. And two!!!
This all happened when Jon & Kate plus 8 was all you could hear on the news - Pre Farrah and MJ days. So I promptly named the two babies Jon & Kate (Gosslin/gosling - get it??) I'll post babies pictures soon.


Sharyn said...

I love it! I especially love all the memory triggers this will provide - you've included so many extra details - right down to how you named them - that when you read this year from now it's going to provide you with a bounty of memories!

I'm so glad you played along!!

mollie said...

This is great Sharon! What an interesting story you have written ... you had me right with you every step of the way. I hope that you scrapbook this with photos sometime.

MaryC said...

How cool! I love happy endings. You are a special lady. Thank you for sharing.