Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm going to have to give the challenge from yesterday a bit more thought. Meanwhile, I'll tell you a funny story from my childhood - that would be today's challenge at "Get It Scrapped"

Most stories in my family were not the kind that make you smile, I'll warn you ahead of time. Most of what we did - well, okay - mostly me - made you laugh until you cried. This is one of those stories.

When I first graduated from high school, my sister was still only 14, and my brother 12. I would come home from the hospital - I was in training - and start supper for my mom a few evenings a week. I saw she had chicken in a pan to roast, so I figured that this was to be supper tonight, so I popped the chicken in the oven. THE GAS oven.
Mom used to have one of those little tea towels, with a flap that she'd hang from the oven door handle. Evidently, the first time I went to "baste" the chicken, the fringe from that towel ignited on the gas pilot light.

My father was now home outside working in the yard, my brother - blaring his music from his bedroom, and a neighbor boy was out playing basketball at our hoop on our carport. As I turned and saw the flame (which probably was only a few inches, no burning inferno at any stretch of the imagination) I told myself to think what I had learned in home ec. REMAIN CALM. Got it. (well on the outside I "looked" calm). Then - Kitchen fires. I jumped right into this mode, forgetting it wasn't a grease fire. I just went with the "Baking soda solution". I grabbed the carton of baking soda and started throwing it at the tea towel. Meanwhile (we had wall to wall carpeting in the kitchen....) I was getting it on the floor, and all over the curtains next to the stove. I saw this was not extinguishing the flames - so I saw the sink behind me. REMAIN CALM was now not part of my thought process. I started screaming for help - of course no one could hear me over my brother's blasted music, and the basketball outside thumping. I went for the cabinet and got out a glass, filled it with water, and threw glass and water and all at the flame...... AND the baking soda that was EVERYWHERE. Making a lovely "paste". OK, that didn't work, get another glass, more water, throw everything again.

Yes, we had a sprayer on the sink. REMAIN CALM didn't think of that.

All I know is my father came in, shoved me aside, and our neighbor boy was standing there looking at was a little flicker that I had managed to turn into ruined curtains, ruined rug, a mess of an oven, and glass, water, and baking soda everywhere. I ran up the steps, and burst through my brothers door, and turned the music OFF. I started to vent my anger at him, and he just stood there looking at me covered in the mess. I had decided all this was his fault.

Conclusion - everything needed replaced - the rug, the curtains, a new set of glasses (yes, the chicken was fine, Dad said "Let it in, that's the only thing in this corner not destroyed". I now go for the water first for any fire. I think the Home Economics teacher lied to me.

It was her fault.


scrapweaver said...

Love it Sharon! Don't you just wish you had a photo?! Oh maybe not. BUT it is a wonderful story! Mine is a similar memory but no fire involved only a little burglary.

~ Jane ~ said...

This certainly puts a smile on my face - I can almost visualise the patches of white paste mixed with soot. Not a good look !!!