Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A little information today

Sharyn asked us at GIS for the following info.....

1. First three stops when you turn the computer on in the morning
The first stop is my work email, second one Get it Scrapped, and third one is my Hotmail

2. Your child's favorite site
My "Child" is now 30. So either some DC Comic site, or Ebay

3. favorite site/s for news
CNN and the Drudge Report

4. favorite online gallery/ies
A Cherry on Top - my favorite poster there is Bernadettte (she uses the extra "T") She's from South Africa, and amazing

5. favorite blog
All of the gals at GIS!!!

6. favorite place/s for inspiration
The Gallery at A Cherry on Top

7. favorite teaching site (heee)
Hmmmmm. Let's see..... GET IT SCRAPPED. I was taking another class from another site these past few weeks. LAME. I stopped trying to stay excited.

8. favorite place for online entertainment/ie: hulu, favorite youtube channel, etc

9. favorite online shops and

10. if you have a hobby (hello - we're here, right?) share your favorite sites for that - ie: photography, stamping, scrapbooking, quilting, gardening, etc....
See above. :)

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