Monday, August 10, 2009

Michelle wants a list - a WISH list.
List making always makes me think of a poem I wrote in fourth grade. The assignment was to write a poem "If I could have three wishes" There was no structure just the idea of being granted three wishes. Even as a fourth grader mine stuck out as a little different. I actually thought about it and did not ask for money and fame, or more wishes, but a true friend, and love. My mom kept the poem and I have since scrapped it. But it is very telling of me even today.

I want what everyone wants - health, wealth and happiness for all my family and everyone I know. But what else do I want???? Here goes....

I want the impossible to be possible - to talk to my parents again, to play with our dog Jayna again, to meet my sister - all of whom have passed on.

I want a maid. I can cook. But I want a maid -and as long as we are at it, a MAN, not to marry me, thank you very much, but to come and do the man things at the house - like fix things, and yard work, and dealing with repairmen, and cars. So a talented man, not just eye candy.

I want to work less hours but get paid the same amount - or heck, more. How about I work from 10-2, with an hour for lunch? I could do that.

I want the budget to be passed on time next year (this is as impossible as my other wishes - :)

I want to go back in time a little, just long enough to become a forensic pathologist. That would have been my dream job, but assisting was fun, too.

I don't want to hit the lottery, I want someone to anonymously send me a few million, I don't want to let anyone know I have the money, just not have to worry over money ever again.

I want to sleep over at the Kaier's mansion. I can do this,too, now that it's a bed and breakfast. My mother lived as a child behind it. She told me she so envied the people that even were servants in that mansion, and she lived in a poor row house. Well the Kaier's people now had to turn it into a bed and breakfast, and I want to say "Hey Mom, here I am, sleeping in the place!"

I want world peace. And the beauty queens to stop saying that's what they want. :)

That's about it. For now.


askings said...

Work less---get paid the same...where can I sign up!

scrapweaver said...

wonderful list Sharon! So true! I love how you write. So very real and very you!

Celia said...

Ain't wishing grand- you wishes for friends and family that are gone is probably what reverberates most with me.... oh and the beauty queens and world peace.