Monday, August 3, 2009

"Surreal is anything bizarre or dreamlike.. so let's share a bizarre or dreamlike story. It doesn't have to be life changing or move people to tears or hysterics. Just share a story of something that was bizarre or dreamlike to you. Don't think too hard, it's not a contest and there are no grades. It's just a post here or on a blog, that's all. It doesn't have to be something that you experience you can even just share a bizarre story you heard or some bizarre news you saw on TV. Maybe you will lean towards the dreamlike story and share something that was so fantastic it felt like a dream?"

And so is my challenge for Sunday... August 2...
My mother loved cardinals (the birds, not the priests nor teams). She would feed them, and as children - heck as grown adults - she'd call us to the window to see them feeding. She once ordered my dad to shovel about 20 feet to her feeder in 3 feet of snow so they would have food, this she managed from a hospital bed.
Since she's gone, I've often noticed that when I get extremely upset over something, I see a cardinal. It's not a common site in our area, not rare, but not common. Weeks can easily go by without seeing any. Once was when I was sitting on the front porch steps of our home, when I didn't want Dad to see me crying, when he was diagnosed with cancer. No more than three feet from me, a cardinal landed, stayed a moment, and then left. It was NOT my mother - no, I'm not implying that - but I noticed it may be a sign God sends me to remind me I can be as strong as she is - and that He's "got it". I don't need to be in charge of everything.
The most poignant of all for me, was when I was traveling thru two states to "visit" - in an ICU unit - my son's beloved "Jayna" - his dog. He and this dog were scary, they knew each other's souls. She was dying, and we both knew it, but we were trying to give her as long as good a quality of life as we could for as long as we could.
We stopped in Maryland, at a McDonald's for a drink and bathroom break, before going on to D.C. So he wouldn't see me cry, I went out to the car for a few moments alone while he used the restroom. I was sitting on the curb, in front of the car parking spot, and there - out of nowhere, this cardinal came and sat on the car. I stared at it. It LOOKED at me. My son walked out, and saw me in tears, the cardinal, and he had known in the past what I had shared with him about his grandmother, me, and the cardinals.
Our precious Jayna (only three years old) was lost to a world not good enough for her. Maybe she's with Mom and the cardinal now. All I know is she died......... but not THAT day.... not until we had time to deal with it.


Tami said...

what a beautiful story, thanks for sharing it.

mollie said...

What lovely thoughts ... and what a beautiful story. I can understand how you would somehow feel that the cardinal can impart a bit of your mother. I have things that remind me so much of loved ones that can evoke similar feelings. They are peaceful & sweet feelings, aren't they?

MaryC said...

God gives us amazing gifts when we are in need. Yours are cardinals. How lovely. What a fabulous and touching story. Thank you for sharing.

Celia said...

You give and give us all such great stories and insights- thank you Sharon.