Monday, August 17, 2009

Two blog challenges from GIS - Tami and Michelle

Tami wanted us to tell about our day to day life - right now, where we are.

I realized yesterday I was sad. I get sad when I'm alone, I'm not sure sad is even the correct word - depressed? no, not depressed. Pensive. Maybe that's more like it. I reflect that fall's coming, soon to be followed by winter. I HATE WINTER. I hate few things in life. WINTER is one of them. I hate the cold, I hate the grayness. Pennsylvania has one shade of color if it's not summer - GRAY. Everything is BLAH.
I saw an ad yesterday for Jerry Lewis's Telethon. It has always depressed me and I refuse to partake. I don't want to see aging actors/actresses with very ill children, at the end of summer. I want to live in "Perfect World". I worked in a hospital for 25 years, and have seen my share of suffering. So Perfect World doesn't include anything negative, and that includes autumn, Labor Day, and that telethon. I'll donate to charities, but I don't want it on TV. It's sad.
I was once asked what is my favorite holiday - Memorial Day. Because it's the beginning of summer, swimming, outside, fresh garden foods, everything POSITIVE.
I have no motivation. I stare at things to be done, and think "I can't do it now." And it's because I want more summer. I'm losing my "best friend. "
My sister is much the same way. She will retire in 23 months - I'll retire in 33 months. I have 10 months more than her. At that time, she says, we are moving. We are heading for "Endless Summer". We are not sure where that is, but there will be no snow, no cold, no ice, just hot. Year round HOT. And yes, we will be happy.

ON A FUNNIER note.....

Michelle wants us to tell the "isms" of our family. Things we say that only the family understands.

We "FOO" things. That means turn out lights, blow out candles, etc. It came from "FOO" - the sound that one makes from blowing out birthday candles. "I want to foo it" means let me turn it off.

MOTE (No, not a moat, a MOTE) - turns the TV on and off

EIGHT - means I heard that before. i.e. for the 8th time....

This isn't a "different word or ism" but it is a family slang - My father would always change the "OW" at the end of the word, like "Follow" to the EE sound. He would ask us to "follee me to the car. " Marshmallow was Marshmallee. I have no idea why, or where it came from. He was an intelligent man, just always turned those ow's to ee's.

Cats are "Ninnies". We all started saying this when one niece was very little. She called cats ninnies. And it stuck. Finally we realized she was saying "Nittany", i.e. Penn State Nittany lions, where her dad went to college. But it was too late, "ninnies" stuck.


scrapweaver said...

I so get the fall blues and the loneliness or the pensive or what ever they are. I am there right now too. i also dislike (hate) winter but I do like the snow so I guess I am torn there. Thanks for posting Sharon, so fun to read!

Celia said...

There are still days of summer left Sharon but I do know what you mean about the greyness of winter. When I come home from NYC each year it is winter so I go from just out of winter in to winter in Melbourne. Luckily it's not as bad as NYC's winters- today for example and yesterday were bright blue skies and warm sunshine.
Love the "isms" I have to think!