Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wacky Wednesday favorite piece of furniture 8-12

What is my favorite piece of furniture? Well this table and the matching lamp table, for sure.
I had gone into a very high end furniture store to "look" at their sofas; I was re-doing my living room, and felt that nothing was fitting my taste - modern and comfortable. As I wandered around, inside their shipping room, I saw the glare of these two fabulous tables . All their furniture, unless otherwise marked, was one of a kind. Well I was drawn over, and the saleswoman said "Aren't they fabulous?" Fabulous prices, too. I saw the large coffee table - a 4 foot diameter top that sat on a "deck of cards twisted" type crystal base, was marked $1800. And the end table was $1300. I was "OMG" in my mind. I walked around and kept going back to look at the tables. Finally I just said to her, I'll take them. I could hardly believe I heard myself say that. I had saved money for the living room, but ... $3000 for the tables in a house of all men except me, wasn't the plan. But I did take them. And I love them so much. This is a photo from Easter, the best one I have right now of the coffee table. You can seen the fine glass and crystal beneath the top, as well. So until I die, these are the favorite pieces I have.


~ Jane ~ said...

Fabulous pieces - I can see why you love them so much.

Celia said...

Great story and I too like you can resist everything but temptation.