Friday, August 14, 2009

What inspires me?

Even as a child I loved art, and thinking outside the box. I think I do a fair job of that. I remember in high school being hurt not being able to help choose the "High School Art Award" with the president of the art club and the art teacher. Turns out it was because I was the one chosen, and I never expected that at all!! I had one in junior high as well, and was also given a four year scholarship to major in art. So art has always been my love. But like all artists - I look at my world for inspiration.
The best place to find inspiration for me, though, is cutting to the chase, and looking at other artists' works. It seems to me that it's on the same line as scraplifting, why reinvent the wheel? I love to do my own layouts, as well, and sometimes I re-do my own layouts, but so often I see a talent, and want to make it my own.
So YOU. YOU are my inspiration. All of you that create. I may look at your layout, and say "I love that!!" But when I'm finished, it may be 90% different from what I started to "copy". But the inspiration is 100% YOU. THANK YOU


doris said...

another awesome idea!

Celia said...

Love how you take things and run with them in different ways.