Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time for Journal Your Christmas 2012

I'm more than excited with Christmas each year - and yet somehow one of the best parts is Shimelle Laine's "Journal Your Christmas".  I love the little touches, and reading back over them each year I remember things I would have forgotten if not for taking time out from the busy schedule ( for me, that's usually the end of each day in December/beginning of January) to "Journal my day" and then at the end the decorations and photos are added.  I love when I have the perfect photo to actually complete the page at that time - but it doesn't always happen - life gets in the way. 

At any rate - please consider joining this class.  It's $35 USD but you never pay again.  And this year it's all brand spanking new.  If budget concerns won't allow you to begin on Saturday - no worries - just join when you can and back track.  It's not a problem- really!  But it's the best spent money for any of us over the holiday, because what can you really name that you got last Christmas? And for this small amount of money - you can actually save this Christmas forever.  Think what it would mean to you if your parents had done that for you. 

I'll be looking for you!!